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Telephone Interviews

Telephone Interview advice
Telephone interviews are generally more informal and shorter than face to face interviews. Some companies prefer to undertake telephone interviews to help screen candidates and decide whether you are suitable for a face to face interview. Treat the interview as importantly as you would a face to face interview, do your research on the company and speak in a professional manner.
Some handy hints for telephone interviews are as follows:
·         Use a landline wherever possible, this ensures the call won’t be affected by loss of signal.
·         Make sure you are comfortable and background noise is kept to a minimum.
·         Ensure you will not be interrupted.
·         Be ready for the call, if they are calling you. Wait by the phone.
·         Have a glass of water handy, nerves can make your mouth dry.
·         Keep a copy of your CV close by to assist you with dates whilst you are talking.
·         Keep a pen and notepad to hand, you may wish to take notes. These notes will help if you progress to the next stage of the interview process.
·         Keep your answers concise, do not waffle.
·         Sound enthusiastic.
·         Smile, it will come across in your voice.
If for any reason, you are unable to get through to a client, and are unable to leave a message, please contact Future Select immediately.
Skype Interviews
Many companies are starting to use Skype to undertake telephone interviews. The downside to telephone interviews is that you cannot judge reactions in the same way as face to face. Skype is a good alternative to the telephone interview. Should a company wish to undertake an interview by Skype, the same tips apply as per the telephone interview. Just make sure you are wearing smart clothing and the area behind your webcam is not messy or distracting to the interviewer. Remember first impressions count.
If you have never used Skype before, please visit Skype’s website for further information.
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