About Us

Future Select are the leading recruitment company in Legionella, water treatment, water hygiene, asbestos, LEV, Validation, Fire, Health and Safety and environmental compliance.

We have firmly established a reputation for finding and dealing with the best available candidates in our sectors, and this can often mean the difference between winning and losing in tight competitive markets. We have a broad range of qualified, experienced candidates from 18K-120K salaries.

We also give business advice on the latest market trends, salaries, strategies and conditions in these sectors. Finding the best candidates will enable companies to maintain a competitive edge. At Future Select we focus on delivering results and making things happen.

Our top ten clients make profits of 500K-2m plus and our candidates go onto becoming successful leaders in our chosen sectors and are happy in their new roles.

Mission Statement

We understand that recruiting the right candidate is essential to the success of your business. That’s why our dedicated team are committed to finding the right candidate for you, we will only send you people with the right skills and experience as we realise that your time costs money

Our mission is to:

  • Achieve the best possible outcome for our clients
  • Be committed to finding quality applicants
  • Only provide applicants with the necessary skills and technology
  • Practice teamwork, trust, respect, fair dealing, effective communication and openness with all involved.

Our strengths are

  • The successful matching of clients and applicants
  • A broad client portfolio and experience of a wide range of industries
  • Recruitment competence
  • The development of a close working relationship with clients to help establish a suitable applicant

Future Select Ltd focuses on achieving results by valuing the time necessary to understand individual needs. We provide a full recruitment solution tailored to the individual requirements of our clients and we aim to establish positive long term professional relationships.