Interview tips and advice

Interview tips and advice

Specific interview advice will be given to you by one of our consultants before your interview. It is essential that you approach your interview seriously, some general advice to help you prepare is below.

1. Be prepared
Take the time to look at the company’s website before your interview and learn a few important facts. Speak with your Consultant to understand the details about the company, who you are meeting and what they are looking for. It shows initiative if you have researched the company and prepared questions beforehand.

2. Be slightly early
Plan your way to the interview and be early. This gives you time to compose yourself and mentally prepare.

3. Make a good impression
First impressions are highly important. Make sure you look smart and professional. Give a firm, positive handshake, maintain eye contact and smile.

4. Interview Manner
Listen to the questions and answer clearly and precisely. Do not interrupt at any time. If you are being interviewed by more than one person address them all when you reply. Try not to give one word answers, but also, try not to waffle.

5. Knowing your CV
There is no point in having an impressive-looking CV if you cannot answer questions about it. Make sure you can answer questions about your employment history with confidence. Also, make sure that you can explain any time gaps in your CV. Always be professional when talking about previous employers.

6. Specific achievements
Prepare examples of things you have done that you are particularly proud of, how you have solved problems and what you have learnt from difficult situations Remember this is a time to really sell yourself.

7. Questions
Make sure you are clear about why you feel you would be ideal for this job and what qualities you can bring to the company and role. Consider what your strengths and weaknesses are.

8. Honesty
Be honest, there is no point lying about your achievements and skills, If you get caught it may cost you a job offer.

9. Close
Close the interviewer(s). At the end of the interview; ask them if they have any concerns or reservations about offering you a position, this will be your only to chance to answer any objections they may have.

10. Be positive and stay calm!
Thank the interviewer(s) for their time, express interest in the position and ask when a decision might be made.