Finding your next role after redundancy

Finding your next role after redundancy

Being made redundant can be hard but it’s time to put your best foot forward and consider your future employment. As one door closes another one opens, so it’s important to be open-minded, positive and committed to finding a new job.

Here are some top tips for finding your next role after redundancy.

Use your downtime to improve your CV
If you’ve been in your last job for a while, then chances are that you haven’t updated your CV in a while. Use your downtime to update it with any new training or qualifications you have gained, skills and responsibilities from your previous position. Take your time to write a strong opening profile and check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors as this could be a red flag to employers.

Consider taking on more training
There are always new ways of improving your knowledge, so why not take a course and expand your skillset? Not only will this show your willingness to learn, but additional training could increase your job options too. No matter what stage you were in your career, training will automatically enhance your CV which could be the difference between securing a job over another applicant.

Register with an agency that specialises in your industry
If you’re struggling to find new positions on job search sites or you want to increase your chances of employment, register with Future Select. Some roles are not typically advertised online, but we have strong relationships with a range of employers and can put you forward for roles that you can’t apply for elsewhere.

Consider a career change or new role
When you’ve been doing the same kind of work for years, sticking to what you know can make you feel safe. However, take your redundancy as an opportunity for growth and new beginners by broadening your horizons and considering a change. If you see a role that catches your eye, sending off your application could the first step into a new and exciting career.

Keep busy
There is no timeframe for securing your next role, but during this time it is important to stay busy. Having no routine can make you slip into unhealthy habits and lose motivation to look for jobs. Instead, try and create some structure to your routine such as working out, reading, cooking, going for walks and keeping up to date with the latest roles. This will keep you in a good mindset for when you are invited to an interview.

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